Mercedes-Benz A-Class A160

Mercedes A 160 CDI brainchild automaker Mercedes. The new car model appeared in spring 1998 and was named the Mercedes A-class. The car is equipped with an engine capacity of 2 liters., A body type 5 dv. Hatchback. able to develop power to 82 horsepower, which allows you to reach speeds of 165 km / h.

Until recently, the A-class "in our country did not enjoy great popularity. This is due to appreciable high cost compared to similar class cars of other automakers.

However, Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse is called "student", as it is much cheaper and easier to order (at least in the car electronics) on the device all other Mercedes.

"The sandwich-construction" bottom - a distinctive feature of A-Klasse. Below the floor are the exhaust system, fuel tank, battery and auxiliary elements rear suspension. They covered the bottom of a dark bar.

The rear suspension of its design reminiscent of a similar node in Samara. " Major impacts on the edge roughness of asphalt takes rigidly mounted subframe. It represents: a metal beam, trailing arms.

So the break in the A-Klasse, in general, especially nothing. A common dilemma - change all the bumpers, and because it stipulates the existence of a bad review.

The only problem, according to specialists of the Russian service Mercedes-Benz,-difficulty starting the engine in winter conditions. In the autumn weather, foreign technology our fuel refuses to accept the aforesaid grade. This issue is solved by going to the AI95 to AI92. The engine itself will adjust their work electronically.
However, for a more reliable engine operation in Russian conditions, we recommend the service to reprogram the "brains", and 92-m can travel not only in winter but all year round. This is due to the fact that the additive package, which will magically transform AI92 to AI95, the engine useless.

Almost any engine maintenance should be carried out on the company's stations, as some operations are simple in other cars, this will require not only special tool, as absolute knowledge of the disassembly-assembly. To change the belt of the generator in this model is necessary to remove the engine from a support. When changing spark unscrew cover their unit panel. engine, it provides a single system with a flow of air and seawater temperature sensor. In case of failure of any of the components is changing all the assembly.